About Langtang trek

About Langtang trek
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It is always useful to acquire hands-on knowledge about Langtang if you plan to do Langtang trek.  Here we share some practical tips about Langtang trek.

Langtang trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal, which is situated about 130km distance from Kathmandu. There are multiple trekking routes for Langtang depending on your interests and time availability. Furthermore, Langtang trek, Gosaikunda trek, Tamang Heritage trek are three major trekking trails in this region. Among them, each of these trails has various similarities and differences in terms of attractions.

Broadly, speaking Langtang trek offers you the opportunity to capture majestic views of Langtang and Ganesh Himalayan ranges. Much of the trekking trail covers Langtang National Park, one of the oldest national parks, which is a natural refuge for many endangered wild animals such as red panda, snow leopard and Himalayan black bear.

The other major highlight of this trek is a visit to Gosaikunda Lake which is located at the altitude of 4380m. This is a religiously sacred lake which draws of hundreds of Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims and Bon shamans during Janai Purnima festival in the month of August.

Another major feature of this trek is the unique culture of Tamang and Tibetan communities. There are many medieval monasteries and chortens in Langtang region including Kyanjing Gompa, Sing Gompa etc which are worth a visit.

Langtang trek in Nepal

Langtang trek in Nepal is one of the most picturesque and magical Himalayan treks. It affords you the luxury to walk up to the base of Mt Langtang Lirung (7227m), visit Kyanjin Gompa and learn about Tibetan Buddhism and Tamang culture and enjoy a memorable trek through Langtang National Park and a bit adventurous in that you will also have the opportunity to climb Tsergo Ri peak (4984m) or Kyanjin Ri peak (4500m).


The trek altitude varies from lowest Syabrubesi (1460) to highest Tsergo Ri (4984). Kyanjin gompa at 3870m is another highest point you will reach on this trek along with Gosaikunda Lake which is at an altitude of 4380m.

Langtang National Park

This is second oldest national park in Nepal established in 1976 which is the biggest Himalayan national park in Nepal and Spread in a total area of 1710 sq. km., the park provides a pristine habitat for flagship species like Red Panda, Snow Leopard and Black bear.

Langtang National Park from Kathmandu

Pasang Lhamu Highway is the only highway to reach this National Park from Kathmandu. The famous trekking starting point for National Park are Dhunche and Syabrubesi, situated 114 and 129 km from Kathmandu respectively.

 About Langtang Valley

It is one of the beautiful Himalayan valleys in Nepal. The Valley includes Langtang National Park, Gosainkunda Lake, Langtang Village, Kyanjing Gompa and Tamang Heritage trekking trail.

 Valley trek

Langtang Valley trek covers some of the major spots including Gosaikunda and Kyanjing Gompa. Trekkers can extend this trek to Langshisha Kharka beyond Kyanjing Gompa. Lantang Valley trek encompasses Langtang National Park and its pristine biodiversity.

 Trek map or valley trek map

Please buy Langtang trek map or Langtang valley trek map from our photo gallery or you can buy map in bookstores in Kathmandu.


Langtang trek itinerary varies in duration, starting from 5 days to 14 days trek . Furthermore, the itinerary can be adjusted as per your time availability and interests.

Valley trek itinerary

Langtang valley trek itinerary includes some of the major landmarks of Langtang trekking. Kyanjing Gompa, Gosaikunda Lake, Lantang village all fall on Langtang valley trek itinerary.

Trek route

There is only one langtang trek route which starts from Syabrubesi to Kyanjin Gompa and back the same way. Along the route you will pass by to Lama Hotel and Langtang Village.Likewise, interested trekkers can extend the trip up to Gosaikunda.

 Trek 7 days

Langtang trek 7 days is one of the most famous trekking itineraries for Langtang trek. Moreover, it is an exciting and enjoyable trek without much stress on trekkers.

Langtang trek 5 days

Langtang trek 5 days is a shorter version of  7 days trek suitable for those who have less time. It includes all the major attractions of the place.

Valley trek cost

The trek cost about US$70-80 which includes all accommodation, transportation and permit fees.

Langtang trek after earthquake

Langtang trek after earthquake has been quite successful due to rise in number of trekkers. Since the earthquake, the trekking trails have been restored and the village in particular is back on its feet with 60% of rebuilding complete.

Valley trek after the earthquake

Lantang Valley trek after the earthquake in 2015 is again open to welcome trekkers. The trail from Lama Hotel all the way to Langtang village have been repaired and is safe for trekking. Likewise the village has also been rebuilt from scratch in full community participation.

Is Langtang open for trekking

Is Langtang open for trekking? This is an obvious question trekkers ask especially after the earthquake damaged Langtang trails in 2015. It has been over 4 years since the earthquake and the good news is that Langtang trail is again open for trekking. The trail was repaired by the locals and is now safe for trekking.

The community of Langtang village came together in solidarity and cooperation to rebuild hotels and houses in Langtang village. New hotels and homes have sprung up from the ashes of the earthquake to welcome trekkers.

Kyanjing Gompa

Located at 3850m, Kyanjin Gompa is one of the highest Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas which sits on the lap of Mt. Langtang Lirung (7227m) and commands breathtaking views of Langtang Lirung and  Langshisha Ri, Dorje Lakpa among others. Made of wood and stone, Kyanjing Gompa contains the statue of Guru Rimpoche and Buddha. Moreover you can visit Kyanjing Gompa on Lantang Valley Trek and Lantang Trek.

Syabru besi

Located about 15km or 45 minutes drive from Dhunche, Syabrubesi is the second and last bazaar on Langtang trekking trail. It is the starting point for almost all trekking trails in Langtang. Nowadays vehicles take you all the way to Syabru besi from Kathmandu, a distance of about 80km. There are plenty of lodges and guesthouses in Syabru besi.

Kathmandu to Langtang

Travelling from Kathmandu to Langtang is necessary if you would like to do Langtang trekking which lies in Himalayan region and famous for beautiful Langtang and Ganesh Himalayan ranges, pristine wildlife and colorful culture as well as the lifestyle of Tamang and Tibetan people. Everyday public and private buses easily take you from Kathmandu to Langtang and vice versa.

Langtang basecamp

Langtang Basecamp trek is one of the most popular trekking trails in this region. The goal of this trek is to reach the base camp of Mt. Lantang Lirung (7227m) and on your way you will visit Langtang village, Kyanjin Gompa and climb Tsergo Ri peak (4984m) or Kyanjin Ri peak (4500m).

The trail enters Langtang National Park, which is home to many beautiful wildlife species including Red Panda and Snow Leopard. You will also have opportunity to visit Langtang village, which was completely destroyed by 2015 earthquake, learn about Tamang and Tibetan culture.


Langtang is a Himalayan region with land elevation reaching 1800m through 4400m. Together with surrounding Himalayan ranges that measure above 7000m, Langtang weather varies depending on the altitude and the season you are in. It is a lot warmer at lower elevation as compared to cold alpine climate near Langtang village, Kyanjin Gompa and Gosaikunda.

Generally speaking September through November is the best time to visit Langtang when there is ample sunshine for flowers and trees to bloom and trekkers to enjoy unobstructed beautiful views of Himalayan peaks. The next best timing is Spring, starting from March till May, when yaks move up looking for pastureland and birds descend to intermingle with variety of flowers. Langtang weather from June to August is occupied with monsoonal rains whereas December till February is challenging because of snowfall and freezing temperature.

 Poon hill  Or Langtang Trek

Langtang trek or Ponnhill trek, which one is better for me? No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed to experience the Himalayas. Langtang trek situated directly north of Kathmandu which is a longer trek that takes you to the laps of Langtang Himalayan ranges. On the way you will enjoy rich biodiversity and wildlife of Langtang National Park and visit Buddhist Kyanjing Gompa to experience 360 degree views of Langtang range. The maximum height you will reach is either Tsergo Ri peak (4984m) or Kyanjin Ri peak (4500m), depending on your choice.

Similarly, Poonhill trek is destined to take you to Poon Hill (3190m), one of the best vantage points, to see unparalleled and majestic views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Fishtail mountains. This is a few days trek that begins and ends in Pokhara. On the trail you will come across famous villages of Ghorepani, Ghandruk and Tadapani.

Trek without guide

Langtang trek without guide is possible but not recommended. It is an adventurous trek that involves climbing to higher altitude and passing through wilderness area. There have been many cases in recent past where trekkers have lost their way, got stranded resulting in death. Even though with a good map, it is highly advised you to take a licensed guide from a registered trekking company. Trekking guides will be able offer their expertise based on their experience and take a prudent decision especially in times of natural calamities.

Is not convenient

Best time to do Langtang trek

The best time to do Langtang trek is either during Spring (Mar-May) or Autumn (Sep-Nov). Over these periods, you are likely to see unobstructed and clear views of Himalayan peaks, witness beautiful scenery of flowers and activity of chirping birds and enjoy balmy and warm weather.

How difficult is this trek

Despite being an adventurous peak, Langtang trek is grade as easy to moderate making it eligible for all levels of trekkers. Unlike other Himalayan trekking trails, the trek makes a gentle and easy climb to higher altitude. Acclimatization is rather easy perhaps due to sizeable vegetation in upper reaches. You will have reach Kyanjing Gompa at above 3000m before you know it.

 Time duration

Langtang trek comes in different durations. The total trekking days may range from a minimum of 5 days extending up to 3 weeks. This trek is quite flexible so you can adjust the trekking itinerary as per your interests and time availability. No matter what itinerary you choose, you are guarantee to get all the experiences.

How long does the treks take?

Langtang trek can be approach both as a short trek or long trek. You can complete the entire trek in just a matter of 5 days. However, if you have more time at your disposal, then the same trek can be stretch up to 3 weeks.

Where to start Langtang trek

Lantang trek usually starts from Syabrubesi, which is 14km or 45 minutes drive from Dhunche. Indeed Syabrubesi is the launch pad for all Langtang trekking trails. The distance from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi is around 80km. Especially, syabrubesi is the second biggest bazaar in Rasuwa district after Dhunche and hosts standard lodges and hotels with 24hr electricity and internet.

Trek in January

Langtang trek in January is possible but not usually recommended. During January, Langtang region receives a lot of snowfall making it risky to go to higher altitudes.


Langtang trek in February is not a favorite time for many trekkers as higher parts of this region are still cloaked in cold and temperatures remaining below 0 degree Celsius.


Langtang trek begins from March, which signals the start of spring season where trekkers are recommend to take benefit of this period of year to do trek.


Within the month of April, Langtang region will have entered into mid-spring season as a result, flowers bloom in the forests, birds sing songs and the Himalayan views are simply majestic. Langtang Trek in April is the best choice.


Langtang trek is possible during Spring season, March through May. May is the last window period for you to visit  trek and enjoy its beauty under a balmy weather.


Langtang trek in June is possible till the second weeks of June. The climate and weather is still warm and scenery of majestic Himalayas still worth capturing.


Langtang trek in July is not recommended due to monsoonal rains. The clouds will make the visibility poor to observe Himalayan ranges and the trails will be too slippery and fraught with leeches in lower elevation.


Due to the onset of monsoon season characterized by heavy rains, Langtang trek in August is not recommended.


With the beginning of September, Langtang trekking trail again welcomes trekkers. You will enjoy warm weather, beautiful panorama of Himalayan peaks and surge in wildlife activity.

Langtang trek October

Autumn (Sep-Nov) is the peak season for trek. Thousands of trekkers go on Langtang trek to witness the majestic beauty of peaks and acquire the bliss of pristine nature. This is also a time for local festivals.


By November the Langtang region will have reach the height of Autumn season. In addition to, you will witness green forests, colorful flowers, gurgling rivers and majestic views of Langtang and Ganesh Himal ranges in which trekking in  November is the best time.


Langtang trek in December is feasible into and until the first two weeks of this month. Take this opportunity to do  trek. By mid-December, winter will have fallen on Langtang region making it too cold to trek in the area.

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Or can go through the itinerary of Langtang Valley prepare by Eyes On Nepal.


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