Bungy Jumping in Nepal: We did it!

Bungy Jumping in Nepal: We did it!
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  • January 30, 2015
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It was an exciting day. I couldn’t sleep as Siddartha told me we were going to Tibet-Nepal border, and we will do the Bungy Jump in The Last Resort, Nepal. The place located 30 minutes away from Tibet – Nepal border, which is claimed as one of the world’s most horrifying jump.

I travelled from Kathmandu at 6am in the morning, arrived in The Last Resort at 11am. We stopped at a small village(I forget the name) for breakfast. The simple breakfast as usual – priced at USD5 with only toast, butter, eggs and coffee. Meals in Nepal, is expensive compare to Malaysia or Bali standard.

It is embarrassing to tell, I couldn’t encounter the fears when I stepped on the jumping point, I gave up at very last minutes even I paid EURO 82 for the jump, no refund of course, but, I can come back in another time if I made up my mind. That is a deposit I placed there, maybe, someday I will return and do my own jump.

My partner, and William, they did the jump. We  went in a group of five, but, ended only 2 of us did the jump.

See below some photos:

Below: On the way to Tibetan-Nepal border

Below: Some locals sitting on the street, photo was taken from the car.

Below: A small village, which you must pass by when you are heading to The Last Resort.

Below: Scene on the route.

Below: The bridge located over a 160 metre high tropical gorge with the Bhote Kosi – one of the Nepal’s widest rivers.


Below: Danger zone, no trespass. Yes, I know. Who want to trespass by the way?


Below: My business partner- Siddartha and me posing before our jump. He did it, but I gave up.

Below: Friends from Indonesia. One of them did the jump. Two of them can’t get over the fear too.

Below: Me posing on the bridge, I didn’t make the jump, but at least I took a photo of myself.

Below: We went down to the river, having some funs. Water is as cold as ice, so we can’t swim.

Below: Playing with stones by the river, at least, we have some fun at the river.

Below: Take out my thick sweater, and insist to pose with my sleeveless T by the river.

My writing ends here.. Get an insights of what’s Nepal Bungy Jumping? Yes. I think so.

I will update you with more of  my days in Nepal. Happy reading!


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