How much will it cost to live in Kathmandu for a month?

How much will it cost to live in Kathmandu for a month?
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  • May 14, 2017
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How much will it cost to live in Kathmandu for a month?

I write this article based on how much I spent for a month in Kathmandu.

This is a question i believe a lot of people are interested to find out. If not just ignore reading it.

I stayed in Kathmandu for on and off for 4 years now. At least 6 months in a year, on and off going out and coming in.

And, this time, I rented a house near to Thamel area, to cut down expensive price charged of hotel stays starting 1st March 2017 and now is May 2017.

Averagely, Nepal is beutiful, surrounded by the snow-peaked Himalayas range of mountains.

However, due to over populated, dried mountains weather, and lack of proper government cares, Kathmandu is considered one of the most dusty and polluted city in the world. The problem of pollution is getting worst after the 8.7 magnitude earthquake two years ago, which costed more than 10 000 life. Since then, a lot of constructions are on-going and living costs are getting more and more expensive days in and outs.

Shortage of water and electricity are the main two issues in Nepal, even though since 1st Feb 2017, Nepal government declared no more load-shedding in Kathmandu, however, due to unstable environment condition such as storms and rains, electricity cut off still an common issue for us who do not live in hotels but houses and apartments.

Here I list down some basic monthly expenses in Kathmandu:

What I Spent in a month:

  • House Rental : USD 300 (Look for many houses, all around the same price for expats. This house I am staying now so far the best out of all)
  • Gas for hot water : USD 15
  • Gas for cooking : USD 15
  • Wifi in house        : USD 15
  • Wifi on phone : USD 10
  • Phone Bill : USD 10
  • Water : USD 90 (For brushing, drinking and washing face and cooking x 15 big tank)
  • Kitchen Grocery : USD 100 (Rice, onion, oil, bread, eggs, butter, cheese, spaghetti, junk foods, juice, fruits etc)
  • Toiletry     : USD 20 (Toilet paper, shampoo, soap, cleaning stuffs, face wash, body wash etc)
  • Personal Care      : USD 20 ( Cotton Pad, Cotton Bud, Lotion, mask etc)
  • Laundry         : USD 30
  • Transportation        : USD 50 (taxi, bus)
  • Eat out with friends : USD 100 (Restaurants, bars, pubs)

TOTAL = USD 775 

I did not buy any clothes, going cinema, or any luxury restaurants or staying in hotel. I am staying in a rented house and trying to cut cost but still averagely spending around USD 800 or more.

Last week, went for a short trek and spent a few days in Pokhara, which costs me another USD 250.

It makes my whole month expenses go up to over USD 1000.

The purpose I am writing this short article is to tell that living cost in Nepal is quite high, as those are expenses only for my own self.

So, please take note that even though Nepal is a developing country, it does not mean that Nepal  = cheap.

Compare to your home country, I believe Nepal is still a quite expensive country to live in.

Happy Reading! Should you need to find out more about cost of living, can always ask me directly.

Some of my daily routines in Kathmandu:

Angie in Kathmandu me angie kathmandu

Above: Me – Angie while writing this blog.

working table in kathmandu

The picture above is my working table which sometimes used as dining table and meeting table.

water tank

Above: I need to buy at least 15 x water bottles this size in a month for brushing, cleaning face, cooking etc.

toilet in kathmandu

My toilet.

kitchen in kathmandu

Above: My kitchen which enable to cook some dishes and meals I like.

balcony in kathmandu

Above: My balcony.

apartment in kathmandu

Its my messy bedroom but is okay, only for myself and this is not a hotel.

tab water in kathmandu

Picture above is the water from tab = dirty, can’t use it at all, only for washing and flushing purposes. This is happening everywhere in Kathmandu.

gas heater in kathmandu

Above: Gas water heater which operated using gas – have you seen one before?


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