Dakshinkali Temple Nepal | Animals Sacrifices in Nepal

Dakshinkali Temple Nepal | Animals Sacrifices in Nepal
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  • January 20, 2018
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Distance from Kathmandu to Dakshinkali Temple is 22km. We drove from Thamel at 11.30am, arrived at 12.30pm. We took exactly 1 hour drive from Kathmandu to Dakshinkali Temple.

Read my visit to Dakshinkali Temple on a Saturday, and I am lucky to witness the “Animals Sacrifices in Nepal”

Dakshinkali Pharping Kirtipur Tour is one of our best selling day tours in Nepal.

Dakshinkali Temple Nepal on saturday

Dakshinkali Temple is dedicate to Goddess Kali. This is the main temple where – mass animals were/are going to be sacrifice in Nepal. A lot of people said/blame the ritual of animals sacrifice in Nepal caused the earthquake in year 2015. This is the main temple where you can witness animals sacrifices in Nepal every Saturday and Tuesday, and also during some festival especially on Dashain Festival which falls on November every year.

NOTE: Dashain Festival is a 15 days long festival celebrate for goods win over the evils (the gods won over the demons).

animals sacrificed in Nepal

Let me tell you about Goddess Kali in my understanding, and

“Why locals / Hindu worship goddess Kali – the goddess of death and destruction?”

  1. Reason 1 = Death and Destruction in Hinduism is not treated as the end, but a fresh beginning.
  2. Reason 2 = Goddess Kali killed demons.

Goddess Kali is the wife and power of Lord Shiva. She is the destroyer and protector. She destroys ignorance, she helps those who desire the knowledge of God. Her name means “The Black One” and the city of Calcutta is name in her honor.

Kali worship is much in the same vein. She is seen as the mother that protects her child from all evil. Even if you can see she looks absolutely horrible when in anger, but she is your mother. The angry form is just another part of her that comes out when you need a strong hand.

She is not destroying you but destroying something that is threatening you. She is protecting you from destruction and hence she becomes the goddess of destruction. So when you say she is the goddess of destruction, she is not destroying creation or is an evil goddess BUT she is a goddess protecting you from evil and destruction wrecked by the evil of the world. So, as a worshiper of Kali, you worship that motherly love. The love that drives her to take the form of destroyer to protect you, as her child. She may look dangerous but you know that is only to the evil. For you she is still your loving mother and you, her child that called for her help.

Pilgrims seek protection from Goddess Kali on demons/ evils which give a threat and seek power for courage within themselves.

Locals/Nepalese usually came here when they buy a new vehicle (to protect from accidents) and travel abroad(seek safe journey) etc. 

Some photos on my visit on Dakshinkali Temple. 

Dakshinkali Temple

Taking a picture outside of Dakhinkali Temple with my two bodyguards

praying at dakshinkali temple nepal

Lighting up a butter candle to seek protection from Goddess Kali – wish i have more courage and power to face the unknown future.

praying at Dakshinkali Temple

Getting blessed and Tika after I finished my prayer inside the Dakshinkali Temple.

dakshinkali temple kathmandu nepal

This is how my tika looked on my face. I like it.

Dakshinkali Temple Nepal on saturday

The crowd on a Saturday, i queued for 2 hours just to enter the main temple.

Dakshinkali Temple

Dakshinkali Temple

animals sacrifice dakshinkali temple

Cocks are on sales to pilgrims to seek protection from Goddess Kali.

Dakshinkali Temple photo

Giving flowers to the goddess Kali inside the Dakshinkali Temple main compound.

getting blessing at dakshinkali temple

Kid is getting blessing at Dakshinkali Temple Nepal.

Dakshinkali Pharping Kirtipur TourPrayers by the pilgrims to wish protection and power within oneself.

Not sure what else to write.. Today – 20 January 2018, is one of my best day – No work but pray made Angie a pretty woman. Ends…



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