Equipment required for Trekking in Nepal

Equipment required for Trekking in Nepal
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  • December 15, 2016
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Trekking in the Himalayas is a risky affair if you do not have adequate information about what to pack and what to avoid. You could end up with a long or short list of items depending on where you are getting information from. So, it is very important know about “equipment required for trekking in Nepal”.

Lack of proper tips or wrong information can often lead one to make bad decisions. Carrying too much or far less than required will be a burden and could affect your holidays.

at-sonam-store-kathmanduTrekking gears in store at Thamel

The first question that often pops up on a traveler mind is: how cold or warm is it in Nepal? Generally speaking, the period between November and March see temperatures drop to single digit while September, October, April and May tend to be slightly warmer. The monsoon season (June, July and August) is a time when sun is hotter, days are longer and rainfall is more frequent.
Snow fall normally takes place in winter but only at or above 3000m. While in Summer the snowline is above 5000m. Please note that even though the temperature drops down to single digit, places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan do not receive any snowfall even in winter.

Based on our experience if you are coming from a tropical territory, you will obviously feel much colder than people from other regions. But the problem of acclimatising to Himalayan altitude will be equally felt by everyone, no matter where you come from.


Handmade Woollen hats on street market

As the body obviously heats up when trekking, trekkers are suggested to wear shorts instead of pants for both comfort and practical reasons. It is also recommended to bring well fitted hiking boots as it could be difficult to fit in a new pair of shoes in a day or two. We also suggest you to carry inner wears that are quick to dry since walking in the Himalayas can easily warm you up resulting in plenty of perspiration inside.

There are also questions like whether you can buy sleeping bags, walking sticks or warm jacket in Nepal. Of course, you can. Where can I buy one and how much it cost? Will the prices be reasonable and what about the quality of equipment? Are there any rental places available?

Here are some pictures of trekking gears shops in Thamel area.


Local Trekking Gears Shop in Thamel, Kathmandu

shoes-for-sale-at-sonamTrekking shoes in shops

local-made-trekking-shop-sonamSonam- A Nepalese Brand

ktm-outdoor-equipment-shopSherpa Outdoor also known as KTM City

In order to answer all these questions and help you make the right decision, please check below:

What you need during your trek in Nepal? 
Depending on whether you are going on mountain expedition, trekking, day hiking or city sightseeing tour, your need and requirement vary accordingly.

Mountain Expedition (Above 5500m)
– Please consult with your expedition operator.

Trekking – Below 4000m altitude

Water bottlesFlash lightMedical first aid kit
Warm socksSun lotionSun glasses
Water proof jacketTrekking shoesHiking pants and shirts
T-shirtsSun hatPoncho
Sleeping bag(light)Trekking jacket

Trekking – Above 4000m altitude

Water bottleFlash lightMedical first aid kit
Warm socksSun lotionSleeping bag(heavy)
Water proof jacketTrekking shoesHiking pants and shirts
T-shirtsThermos wearsPoncho
GloveWoolen hatsGaiters
Insulated pantsDown jacketHead torch
Sun hatDay backpackTrekking stick

Day Hiking

Water bottleSun LotionMedical First Aid Kit
Sun GlassesDay BackpaDkWarm Clothes
Hiking ShoesWind CheaterHiking pants and Shirts
T Shirt

City Sightseeing Tour

Daily normal wearWater bottleWarm Clothes( For Winter)
Sun GlassSun LotionT Shirt & Shorts(for summer)
UmbrellaMaskJacket(for Winter)
Day Backpack

Should I hire trekking equipment or buy brand new one? 

There are many options available when it comes to trekking equipment. One can buy a new set or hire from rental shop for a given trekking duration.

Obviously, having your own product offers you more flexibility and freedom. But sometimes it is not practical to buy all the equipment you need, therefore hiring is much preferred.

The decision to buy or hire will largely depend on your budget, practicality and needs.

To start with, trekkers are advised to personally buy most essential items like shoe and day backpack. As for sleeping bag, down jacket and trekking stick, these can be easily hired in Nepal. But some people are allergic to using used sleeping bags or down jacket, in such a case you will be better off having your own.

In terms of economics, there is really no difference between hiring and buying, especially when there are so many options available in the market. Many products such as sleeping bag, backpack, trekking stick etc., are now locally made in Nepal and easily available at cheap prices.

As opposed to internationally branded products, the local products can be equally enduring and useful enough for altitude less than 5000m.

Quality of trekking equipment: 

There are plenty of shops that sell locally made trekking products in Thamel. Though these items do carry logos of international brands, they are just a copy of the original ones.  Obviously the quality of such local products will not be comparable with international brands.


The North Face store Kathmandu


RedFox outdoor equipment store at Tridevi Marga, Kathmandu.


Marmot Store Kathmandu


Mountain Hard Wear equipment store Kathmandu


Black Yak equipment store Thamel

But if you would like to buy international brands, Thamel has original outlets of such brands as North Face, Black Yak, Mountain Hardwear, Black Diamond, Kailas, Anta, Mammut and Kathmandu. Most international branded shops are found in and around Tridevi Marg, Thamel.

Where to hire or buy? 

If you are looking to buy locally made cheap products, we recommend you try Sonam or KTM city stores. And if its international brand, which offer fixed price but expensive products, you should visit Tridevi Marg in Thamel.

But if you would like to hire trekking equipment, we recommend you to visit Kalapathar store located in Satghumti Marga, Thamel. Kalapathar hires out all types of trekking equipment at reasonable prices. Even though the shop appears outright messy from outside, it offers a range of choices from quality to locally manufactured items.

Bargaining is a way of life in Nepal. So expect some bargaining and haggling with shopkeepers especially if you are buying locally made products or hiring.


Kala Patther Trekking Store: A equipment buying and hiring shop


Siddartha(myself) with Outlet manager from Sonam


Trekking Map shops in store

Below you will find a prop on prices. The actual prices may vary, but not significantly.


  • Sleeping bag (hiring) : Rs. 50 per day
  • Down jacket (hiring): Rs. 100 per day


  • Sleeping bag (local): Rs. 4000-7000
  • Down Jacket (local): Rs. 3,500 up to 5000
  • Backpack 100 ltr. (local): Rs. 6000,
  • Trekking pant with thermos (local): Rs. 2000-3000
  • Trekking stick(Chinese made): Rs. 250-400
  • Trekking stick(international brand): above Rs. 2500
  • Woolen cap: Rs. 150-200
  • Hand gloves: Rs. 300-500
  • Water purified tablets: Rs. 200 for 50 liter
  • Socks: Rs. 300 per pair
  • Sun block + 50 UV: Rs. 400 (Nivea)

Happy reading! Should you need more information, welcome to ask us by live chat or sending an email to


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