Fitness Training for treks

Fitness Training for treks
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  • March 7, 2022
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Fitness Training for treks

Fitness training for treks is a set of exercise intended for those who are planning for trekking in Nepal Himalaya to allow for a physical strength and mental soundness.

Trek Fitness preparation has has to be started at least a month prior to the actual trek. This exercise routine can be easily practiced at home or wherever you are and can be done on your own. How fit you must be for trekking? Well the answer to this depends on the type of trekking you choose: Easy, Moderate or Difficult treks. Easy trek obviously requires comparatively less exercise than a Moderate trek. The rigor and the discipline of training exercise increases with more difficult trek.

To get an idea of the fitness level required for treks, please refer to table below:

Types of Treks Duration/Altitude Trail Features Training Exercise (At least a month before the  trek)
East Treks 2-7 days/2500m Hills, villages, terraced fields Skipping, Walking, Burpee, Lateral Side Steps,
Moderate Treks 8-15 days/4500m Hills, cliffs, rivers, forests, lakes Stair climbing, Jogging,

Jumping Jack, Plank, Biking

Difficult Treks 16-25 days/5500m Hills, high passes, cliffs, rivers, forests, glaciers and snows Running, Stair climbing, Swimming, Jumping Jack, Plank, Squat




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