General question About Nepal Tourism

General question About Nepal Tourism
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General question About Nepal Tourism. Tourists tend to have many general questions about Nepal tourism, both usual and unusual, while travelling. Being a tourist guide, I have faced a fair share of their curiosities such as given below:

How to plan Nepal tour?

Even before you plan your Nepal tour, it is good to know what your interests are. Nepal offers a wide variety of tourist activities, ranging from trekking and mountaineering to village tourism and cultural tours. Once you know what you want then it becomes really easy to plan Nepal tour. But there are many travellers who want to look at all options before they decide.

In any case, it is best advised to get in touch with locally operated trekking or travel agencies for professional services if you want to save time and money.

How to tour Nepal?
How to tour Nepal? Again, this also entirely depends upon your interests.

If you are going for trekking, you will prepare accordingly: buying trekking related outfits and gears, acquiring permits and taking help of a licensed trekking guide through a registered trekking agency. But if you are taking up cultural tours, you will be sightseeing around major heritage sites led by a tour guide.

How much does Nepal tourist visa cost?

Please refer to the table below for tourist visa cost:

Visa Validity (Single Entry Charges
15 days or less US$30
30 days or less US$50
90 days or less US$125

How to apply for Nepal tourist visa?

Nepal offers On Arrival tourist visa scheme to tourists of almost all the countries in the world that allows tourists from designated countries to receive tourist visa on arrival at Nepal’s international airport or at any entry/exit points along Nepal’s southern and northern border of the country if one is coming overland.

You will need to fill up a visa form either online prior to your arrival or once you are in Nepal. Follow this link ( for the necessary steps to get on-arrival visa.

Go to this link ( to check if you are eligible for on-arrival visa scheme.

Furthermore, you can apply for Nepal tourist visa from Nepalese diplomatic missions located in your country or region.

New Visa Policy for US citizens

Effective from 1st January 2019, the Nepalese government is offering 5-year multiple tourist visa to American tourists visiting Nepal based on visa reciprocity with USA. Click this link ( that you meet the criteria for 5 year multiple visa.

How to extend tourist visa in Nepal?

You can extend your Nepal tourist visa by paying visa fees and submitting necessary documents. Likewise, please follow for more info.

How many days is needed for Nepal tour?

The number of days you need to spend for Nepal tour depends upon the activities you will be involved in. Mountaineering, trekking and rafting in the Himalayas will require longer days. Whereas for pilgrimage tours, cultural tours, meditation, volunteering and so on, it could be much shorter.

What are the main tourist attractions of Nepal?

Nepal has plenty of varied and colorful attractions for tourists, whether its Himalayas, whitewater, green hills, lakes and rivers, dense forests and wildlife, picturesque villages, vibrant culture heritage of ethnic communities, world heritage sites, adventure and sports activities, ancient knowledge of yoga and meditation and so on and so forth.

Is Nepal safe for tourists?

Yes, Nepal is a safe destination for tourists. Nepal is the most peaceful country in the world and in fact a UN proposal was tabled to make Nepal the ‘peace zone of the world’.

Nepal is the birthplace of Goddess Sita and Lord Buddha and it is where world’s only living Goddess Kumari lives. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-culture and multi-linguist country in the world where believers all faith reside in complete harmony.

Correspondingly, Nepal has placed a well maintained to ensure safety and security of tourists: the setting up of tourist police unit and crisis management cell is an example of this.

Is Nepal a perfect tourist destination?

Yes, Nepal is a perfect tourist destination which has the most tourist friendly policies anywhere in the world. Nepal offers On-Arrival visa to the citizens of over 180 countries as well as Nepal visa costs are the lowest in the world. The country caters to tourists of all tastes, faiths and class.

Is Nepal expensive for travellers?

No, Nepal is not expensive for travellers. Having said that, Nepal do cater to tourists of all tastes, faiths and class. Furthermore, there are luxury services for those who wish to avail the same and there are budget offers for thrifty travellers.

Do I need to carry passport for Nepal visit?

Yes, you need to carry passport for Nepal visit. However, Indian tourists can travel to Nepal with their voting card or ID card.

What is Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)?

Nepal Tourism Board is the apex promotional body set up as a public-private entity. In order to carry out necessary marketing and promotional activities to make Nepal as a premier tourist destination nationally, regionally and internationally.

When was Nepal tourism board established?

Nepal Tourism Board was established in 1999.

What do tourists mainly visit Nepal for?

Tourists mainly visit Nepal for adventure activities such as mountaineering, trekking, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, bungee jumping etc. However it is not just these activities Nepal is famous for. Nepal is also famous for jungle safari, bird watching, biodiversity research, ethnic culture, pilgrimage tours, world heritage sites and cultural tours, shamanism, volunteering, cave exploration and plenty of many others.



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