Having great fun at Trishuli river in Nepal: One(1) Day Rafting Trip

Having great fun at Trishuli river in Nepal: One(1) Day Rafting Trip
  • Angie Ong
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  • January 30, 2015
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It was 5am on 31st March 2014. My phone rang x 10 times, those were the morning calls from Siddartha to remind me to get ready for the rafting trip at Trisuli river.

Finally, I picked up the call. I said with sleepy voice: “I am not going to rafting, I am sick, I am not going, can I?”

“Angie, wake up now, don’t lie, you are not sick.” Siddartha said.

“Yes. I am sick. I am having body-ache, headache…” I said.

“No, you are not. You can’t be sick, you are super active at most of the time. Wake up now. ” Siddartha said.

We argued on the phone, and finally I turned off my phone, and continue to sleep. In 10 minutes, my door was knocked, and I gave up the idea of cancelling my rafting trip as I know Siddartha would break the door. He won’t give me options and he always make sure I follow the plan.I hate him at that moment. I meant it.

I opened the door, he came in, he sat down on my bed and watch me refresh myself in the toilet, change my clothes, and in 10 minutes, we were in the van, together with our 8 beloved customers from Ireland, and we were on our way to Trishuli river, which located 3 hours away from Kathmandu. Of course, I slept all the way to Trishuli river, I din’t wake up at all. That is why no photos were taken from 6am to 9am.

At 9am, we arrived at the water rafting starting point. I had some coffee and breakfast, and yes, I wake up entirely when I see the water, and the breathtaking river views.

I felt so happy as it has been 2 months I do not swim, and touch any water as the water are as cold as ice. Now is spring season, the water is not cold any more.

After a short briefing, we started the trip.

It is super fun, super super exciting, super super extra ordinary nice rafting trip. This is the best rafting trip I had in my life – I swear to my Gods. And, I do not hate Siddartha after 10am that day. I thank to him for insisting me to have fun in the river.

See below some photos while we were having fun in the river.

Below: Briefing before the rafting trip started. it is 30 minutes briefing under the sun.

trisuli water rafting in nepal


Below: Starting point of Trishuli river. A group photo is a must.

Below: Wearing a sun glasses to cover my sleepy eyes.

Below: I gonna kiss you.

Below: During the rafting.

Below: The lunch by the river bank. His name is Dil – he is the best rafting guide. So fun and humorous all the time.

Below: During the lunch break.

Below: hehe…posting before my lunch, I am not taking out my shirt, my boobs are too small compare to the girls.

Below: Gotcha!  We were having lunch hiding under the tree while the other girls are having lunch under the sun. I don’t want to get sun burn.

Below: Having some games on the “Beach”

Below: We had a lot of fun with many games created by the rafting guide – Nil. We were in the water at most of the time. A really nice adventure.

Below: This is how we play in the river with the rafting boat. Another game whereby we need to balance ourselves on the edge of the boat, no one stay in the boat after 1 minutes. lol..

Below: I was pushed into the water by sudden.

Below: Having another game in the river.

Below: We jumped from that cliff. It was so scary at first, but, I managed to do it. Not easy, but, It was so fun and nice.

Below: After 4 hours in the water, we ended our Trishuli River Rafting trip. A group photos was taken at the end.

We were having so much fun, so so much fun… there are tons of photos. I do not want to share them all. As conclusion, to those who are coming to Nepal, please include the water rafting trip in your planning. You will not have the same fun in other country. Nepal is such a gifted country with so many outdoor adventures options.

We actually choose the best rafting company in Nepal, the best rafting guide is Gurung Nil. He has more than 8 years experiences in the river – daily basic. All the games created by him and his crews.

Visit here for the complete itinerary:

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The price for the fun day out only at USD50 including of lunch, transportation, and guaranteed on laughters and lifetime memories.

I wish I can have another trip like this soon. So good memory and so much fun. I laugh, scream, and ended up I slept until now only wake up – I slept for 15 hours.

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