Holi festival in Nepal

Holi festival in Nepal
  • Angie Ong
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  • June 27, 2016
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Holi festival in Nepal: Nepal’s most lively and colorful festival

I waited 364 days for this festival since last year. It is my favorite festival. I postponed my other  tours and programs for Holy. I was so excited about it.

I woke up early on Tuesday morning, did not shower but quickly dressed cheap half pant and T-shirt. Kids and young have been already started playing it by throwing coloured water and powder colour to each other. They came to me put some colors and lots of water. Finally, I felt that crazy winter is over. Yes, crazy winter is over.

I continued my journey to hotel. When I was about to enter to hotel, suddenly my neighbor threw a full bucket of water from 5 story building and said happy Holy. I smiled and replied Happy Holy to my crazy neighbour.

Nia Haf, a talented young photographer from England, asked to join Holy with her. We went main Thamel street to celebrate it. Later I invited other guest from different religious background such as Muslim and Christian to play holy. We had lots of fun with local and tourist. It was too much fun and joys.

Thamel street and Lainchaour park was like a colour battle field. There was open air DZ  dancing party attracting people to play holy and celebrate it with  Loud Nepalese, Bollywood and American music and dance.

It was so nice and fun to see everybody with smiles on their faces. I felt that Nepal was the most happiest country in the world on 22 March, 2016. If anybody want to be part of happiest day on their life, please come and celebrate it on Monday, 12 March 2017.

Nepal Holi Festival 2017 date is 12th March 2017! And, we did a post on Nepal Holi Festival 2014/2015 too. Click to read more.

See you next year! Happy Holy!

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