Langtang Trek in Nepal during raining season

Langtang Trek in Nepal during raining season
  • Angie Ong
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  • September 20, 2014
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24th August 2014: 

I wanted to share my treks to Langtang Trek in Nepal valley which I spent in total 10 days during the raining season in Nepal.

It was not a pleasant trek as most of the time I was walking in the rains. And, all the time I was wearing a sandal which made in China with a sock. I don’t want to wear the trekking shoes because it is too heavy after socked in water.

Why I went for the Langtang Trek in Nepal?

“Let’s go to Langtang treks tomorrow Angie? Let’s go and apply the TIMS now? Siddartha asked.

“What? It is raining everyday. You sure? I answered.

“We need to trek so we know the area and you can plan the tours better for customers in the future. It will take only 7 days, if we are not going now, we won’t be able to make the trek until year 2015.

After a few thoughts, I agreed. Now(24th July 2014) is the monsoon season (raining season), Eyes On Nepal do not have any customers until end of August, thus, I have nothing important to do too.

“Okay.” Let’s go.

Immediately, I went to Nepal Tourism Centre Kathmandu to apply the TIMS and Langtang National Park Permit which cost me USD40. I also bought 2 x trekking pants, a pair of sandal, raincoats, trekking sticks, socks and some trekking needs. Raincoat and sandal are so important during monsoon as I know once it rains, the trail would be covered with muds and water.

Share some photos first before I write about the trek:

Above: I am holding my TIMS to Langtang valley.

Above: The trekking pants cost me USD15 per pair, the trekking stick costs me USD4 each. Cheap, isn’t it?

My Itinerary:

Day 1: Kathmandu – Sybrubensi (1470m) – Bamboo(1970m)

Day 2: Bamboo(1970m) – Lama Hotel(2420m) – Riverside(2769m) – Woodlands – Ghodatabela(3055m) – Thangsyap Village (3205m)

Day 3: Thangshyap Village(3205m)- Langtang Village (3480m)- Kyanjing Base Camp(3870m)

Day 4: Kyanjing Base Camp (3870m) – Kyanjing Ri (4779m) – Langtang Village(3780) – Thangshyap Village(3205m).

Day 5: Thangshap Village (3205m) – Ghodatabela(3055m) – Woodlands – Riverside (2669m) – Lama Hotel (2420m)- Bamboo(1970m) – Syabrubensi (1470)

Day 6 to 9: Syabrubensi (We were trapped here because of a strike, no vehicles were allowed on the road for 3 days.)

Day 9: Syabrubensi – Kathmandu.


Day 1: Kathmandu – Sybrubensi (1470m) – Bamboo(1970m)

We took a local bus from Kathmandu to Syabrubensi. The ticket price is USD11 (1000NDR). We departed at 7am, and arrive at 1pm. It was in total 6 hours’ bus ride. We were lucky, as the road is not blocked today. The bus driver told us, if there is a landslide, sometimes it will take days to arrive in Syabrubensi.

The road condition from Kathmandu to Syabrubensi. It was very bumpy, and scary.. It was a 6 hours bus ride up the hill, along the hill, on rocky road. I kept praying to arrive safely. Gods blessed me, I am here to write the stories.

Above: That is the road heading to Syabrubensi. We were riding the bus with cliffs and mountains on the left, valleys with rocks and jungles on the right. The weather not so good, foggy and raining. I took the photo from the seat beside the bus driver. Above: The local bus which brought us here to Syabrubensi. Above: We arrive at 1.30pm in Syabrubensi town. We took our lunch en route in the bus 1 hour ago, so, we were planning to head to Bamboo(1970m) from here.

Above: The local kids and me.

Above: The trekking trail starts from here. Above: The trekking trail is along the mighty Trishuli river. Above: We were heading to Bamboo (1970m).

Above: At 6pm, we arrived in Bamboo(1970m). Overnight here. It took us 4 hours from Syabrubensi to Bamboo in the rains. Look at the Trishuli river, it was scary isn’t it? It was raining while we were trekking. The hotel we stayed was next to this horrible river.


Above: Finally, we arrived in Bamboo. It was too tiring. I was socked in the rains water.

Day 2: Bamboo(1970m) – Lama Hotel(2420m) – Riverside(2769m) – Woodlands – Ghodatabela(3055m) – Thangsyap Village (3205m)

Today was a tough day. All the way uphill treks. And, it was a really tiring day. We were trekking in the jungles, by the river…. while we were walking with raincoats while it rains. It was a muddy and wet day.

Below are some photos of my day 2:

Above: I was walking in the jungle at most of the time. Almost for 8 hours.

Above: We arrived here – Lama Hotel after 4 hours’ treks from Bamboo. Above: The kitchen. All kitchen are the same in the mountains. Above: At Lama Hotel for lunch. Every trekkers like her, I like her too. Her smile and laughters melt everyone’s heart. Above: After lunch, we continue our treks to Thangsyap Village, Riverside is one of the resting point. Nothing much today. It was a long and tiring day. That is what I can remembered for day 2.

Day 3: Thangshyap Village(3205m)- Langtang Village (3480m)- Kyanjing Base Camp(3870m)

Today was a gloomy day too. It was raining, and basically see nothing too.

Below are some photos:

Above: 7am, and we were starting our trek to Kyanjin Base Camp. Above: Basically we could not see the blue sky, snow-capped mountains all the way to Lantang Village and to Kyanjin Base Camp. Do you know? If the sky is blue, the weather is good, the snow-capped mountains will be everywhere, and accompanying us all the way up to Kyanjin Gompa? I was so sad you know? Siddartha he walked too fast, I found him sleeping at the road side while I was taking my own sweet time walking. It took us almost 6 hours to arrive in Kyanjin Gompa. Above: Kyanjin Gompa. No views at all. So sad….. Above: At around 3pm, we arrived in Kyanjin Base Camp, checked in to Super View Hotel. However, no view at all, and we rested early too. Above: These snacks save our life during the night. It was cold at the night, and I ate them all actually. hahaha..

Day 4: Kyanjing Base Camp (3870m) – Kyanjing Ri (4779m) – Langtang Village(3780) – Thangshyap Village(3205m).

Today is the best days of the trek. It was raining in the night. I thought I will never have the chance to see any mountains. However, at 6am, when I look out from the window, I saw beautiful snow-capped mountains. I ran out with joys, grabbed my Iphone, Ipad, camera, put on the wind jacket, and start to take photos.

I was surrounded by 15 snow-capped mountains. I was speechless when I saw such an amazing view.

It was a speechless view. The photos can’t tell how I felt actually.

What I saw with eyes, is 100% nicer than the photos posted below.

NOTE: I can’t remember all the names of the mountains, but I remembered what Siddartha told me that the mountains that can be seen from this Kyanjing Base Camp are the Langtang Himal range of mountains, the most recognizable peak is Mt Langtang Lirung(7234m), Kyanjin Ri(4779m) (which we climbed until the peak), and etc… Total, there are 15 mountains to be seen here.

Above: The green peak (second lower)on the left, is Mt.Kyanjin Ri(4770m), which we climbed up after our breakfast.

Above: The snow-peaked mountain on left middle is Langtang Lirung (7234m). It is a giant mountain.

Above: A yak in Kyanjin Base Camp. Do you know? Yaks can only live in the place above 3000m. Above: The rainbow welcomes us in the morning. Above: We were trekking to Mt.Kyanjin Ri(4770m), I took this fantastic photo while he was watching the glacier. Above: Yaks were looking at us curiously. They ran so fast, always ahead and on top of me. I almost died of can’t breath climbing this Mt. Kyanjin Ri(4770m). Above: Nice picture, isn’it? Above: Everything = small while I almost reaching the peak of Kyanjin Ri(4770m). That is the Kyanjin Base Camp. I felt happy.

Above: After 2 hours. We reached the peak with two guests. It was so tiring and not rewarding at all! No view at all as the rains start to pour. I kept complaining actually. But, Siddartha ignored me since beginning. He knows how to handle tired and angry people. Silence is gold!

Above: My sunglasses sat on 4770m highest point of the peak. This is also the highest ground I have ever stepped my foot on. Nice!! Someone put the love bear there. nice isn’t it?

Day 5: Thangshap Village (3205m) – Ghodatabela(3055m) – Woodlands – Riverside (2669m) – Lama Hotel (2420m)- Bamboo(1970m) – Syabrubensi (1470)

Nothing much today. We are heading back. It was raining. And, walking on the muds and water. Not fun.

Day 6 to 9: Syabrubensi (We were trapped here because of a strike, no vehicles were allowed on the road for 3 days.)

We arrived in Syabrubensi quite late. We were told there were strike going on.. And, no vehicles were allowed on the road. And, we were trapped in this town for 3 days. Doing nothing…. Really doing nothing but sleeping, eating, shitting, sleeping, eating, shitting.. The town too small and nothing much to explore basically.

Oh ya… We played pool.

Above: The pool costs USD4 for 1 hour. And, the owner of this pool house stored groceries under the pool table.

Day 9: Syabrubensi – Kathmandu

Happy to go back to Kathmandu… Back to civilization actually after trapped for 3 days.


  1. Langtang Trek is an easy trek compare to others.
  2. No phone / internet signal at all after Syabrubensi.
  3. Only vegetarian foods are available in the mountains. A Dhal Bhat again cost USD5.00. Foods bill are expensive in the mountains.
  4. DONT trek during raining season which is on July & August. I have no choice, you have choice. The views are fantastic actually. I could not see views because of the weather. If yo don’t believe me, you can google and put in keywords: Langtang Trek 7 days 6 nights, Kyanjin Gompa, Kyanjin Ri Peak Expedition, Langtang Base Camp…. etc.. etc… Or, any words of the places I mentioned in my photos stories blog. It is super nice view. It is, I swear.
  5. Must bring torch light, power bank, towels, shampoo, body shampoo.. During Langtang Trek, you can’t get those thing even you have money to buy.
  6. Best months to do the Langtang Trek 7 days 6 nights are: September, October, November, February, March, April, May, June.. any months but not during winter and July / August.

Ends… Happy reading!

Ask me if you want to know more, I always available on my facebook:

Or, send me email if you need a quotation at

I am a really good tour planner. Trust me k? smiles….

Last two photos to share….

Above: Wet..wet…dirty…muddy…I am wearing this to do the mountain expedition.

Above: There are so many flowers here and there. I used them as my earring, nice or not? My face has scars, not nice.. don’t look at it. Look at the flower on my ear.


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