Paradise or hell? Visited Bardia National Park, Nepal

Paradise or hell? Visited Bardia National Park, Nepal
  • Angie Ong
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  • January 30, 2015
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“Angie, I saw tiger in Bardia National Park. You should go. There are a lot of tigers there. You can see them easily by the river bank.” A customer from Israel who just returned from Bardia National Park told me excitedly.

He shared some photos of tigers, rhinos, elephants, wild pigs, birds, crocodiles, snakes, buffaloes, cows, chickens, ducks and many more photos which were full with joys and smiles.

” You sure? I love tigers. I love animals… I really love them. I want to go. No one can stop me now. It is my wish. ” I told Siddartha.

He remained silence, and told me list of obstacles which I am going to encounter while my stays in Bardia National Park.

” There won’t be TV, there won’t be air-conditioned room as only one hotel in Bardia National Park has air-conditioned room and it costs USD150 for a basic room, and you can’t enjoy the air-con too as there won’t be electrical supply. Leonardo Dicaprio visited Bardia National Park two years ago, and he did not stay in air-conditioned room too. He survived it, but I don’t think you can survive, It is 50 degree Celsius now, 15 to 20 hours bus ride, no electricity supply for 18 hours for a day…..”Siddartha told me the problems which I am going to face, he tried to scare me, so I would cancel the plan to Bardia National Park.

” Wow…Leonardo Dicaprio visited Bardia National Park. So do I. Yes. I want to go. I love Leonardo, I love tigers, but, can you come with me? ” I asked, but, deep down in heart, I was worried:” Will I survive? Will I die? What if I was burned and died? What if the tigers eat me? What if I can’t return?…. fears started to haunt me every hours.

Finally, we made the decision to make a trip to Bardia National Park, which located at west of Nepal, about 18 hours bus rides. Siddartha decided to come along as well.

Not easy at all… Too hot! I was sweating at almost 24 hours. 

We decided to take the bus from Kalanki Bus station which depart from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj at 6pm. We arrived the next day at Nepalgunj at 9am, and take a local bus to Bardia National Park for 2 hours, arrived in Bardia National Park at 11am. Total time spent on the road is 17 hours.

In between, we stopped for a few times for meals breaks and toilet breaks. There were no toilets actually, I pee in the nature , with my butt displayed nicely to everyone. However, who cares? If I choose not to pee, I would have pee in my pant. I have no choice. It was the first time I pee in front of everyone.

The bus ticket is 1200 NPR (USD13) for the ride from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, and 100 NPR from Nepalgunj to Bardia National Park. And, we took a motorbike ride from the Bardia National Park to our hotel – Bardia Wildlife Resort at 250 NPR per person.

It said has air-conditioned, wifi and etc. In fact, no air-conditioned at most of the time in the bus, and wifi is not working at all as we travelled in the hilly road, no wifi coverage at all.

Right after entering the Bardia National Park, I started to feel the heat. My clothes, always soaped in sweats, and they were stinky, and wet at all time. Yes. The hotel did not has electricity, we have only 2 hours electrical supply everyday. However, due to a lot of sweating, I am now prettier, and I lost 2kg and my face is shinning, and I am so happy.


Above: The bus I took from Kathmandu to Bardia National Park, from Nepalgunj to Bardia National Park. Ticket price is 1200NPR. I spent 15 hours in this bus.

Above: The bus I took from Nepalgunj to Bardia National Park. There is not direct bus to Bardia National Park. You need to take another bus from Nepalgunj, 2 hours bus ride.

Finally, we arrived in Bardia National Park, my phone was dead, I was almost at the edge of death too. I was so happy I made it this far as the journey was so hard, bumpy road, noisy engine, couldn’t sleep at all.

Above: The hotel I stayed is Bardia Wildlife Resort, one of the best option of the location.

The excitements, joys, smiles and laughters starts from the moments I arrived in this lovely place. I enjoyed a lot and it was more than words to described what I have experienced.  

NOTE: Bardia National Park located at the north west of Nepalgunj. It is the largest of the seven national parks in Nepal. The park was originally formed to protect threatened ecosystems and to conserve both tigers and their prey. The park has since expanded to become one of the finest in Nepal. It has fewer tourists compare to the popular Chitwan National Park due to the location which is at the west of Nepal. Taking a flight will take 1 hour, taking a bus ride will take up to 15 to 20 hours.

Ecologically, Bardia National Park has a greater range of habitats compare to Chitwan National Park. Lush dense forests are home to an incredibly diverse range of floras and faunas, endangered species such as rhinoceros, wild elephant, tiger, swamp deer, Gharial crocodile, Gangetic dolphin, Bengal Florican and the Sarus Crane etc…… are all found here.

See some photos here for my days in Bardia National Park. Photos tell the stories, aren’t they? 

Above: A lot of rhinos in the Bardia National Park, however, can’t go near or they attack. They are not friendly at all. Above: Tigers at Bardia National Park. I saw tigers, but, too far, can’t get the photos as they ran too fast. This photos was from a dear friend of mine. Above: Every houses in Bardia National has at least a pig outside the house in the mud. It was too hot.

Above: I was so happy holding a sheep which I picked it up on the street in Bardia National Park Nepal.

Above: I climbed a tree to spot the tigers.

Above: Rice planting in Bardia National Park. It is too hot, the women who were working in the field need the umbrella.

Above: We can see this scene everywhere in Bardia National Park.

Above: The tiger view point.

Above: The little dragon spotted in the Bardia National Park Nepal.

Another good thing about Bardia National Park is – Marijuana is available everywhere, the locals are smoking the marijuana at the riverbank near to the elephant breeding centre, to smoke the marijuana together. We did the same thing too.

Above: The local are smoking marijuana using this tool. creative tool, isn’t it?

Above: The marijuana at Bardia National Park.

Yes. The police didn’t catch us to jail when we were smoking the marijuana in Bardia National Park.

The policemen were with us, smoking together too. Too bad I can’t post up their photos here or I will be in trouble.

Paradise huh? Yes. At least, for us, it is paradise while we were having the happy feeling during the smoking moments. However, it was too hot as I sweated none stop, coudn’t slept at all as no fans due to no electrical supply and the temperature while I was there is almost at 45 degree Celsius.

I cannot remember any moments I did not sweat. Despite the tiredness of the long bus ride and the heat, overall, I enjoyed my stays in the Bardia National Park as I spent most of my moments with animals and nature. I lost about 2kg after returned from Bardia National Park to Kathmandu. As, all my toxic and fats gone with my sweats.

See below more photos:

Above: The rhino in Bardia National Park. The rhino stood 5 meter away from where I was. It attacked us.

Above: Wild elephant in Babai river bank in Bardia National Park Nepal.

Above: Have you seen the buffaloes having sex? Yes. I did.

Above: The goats are gay? Yes. I spotted this too.

Above: Leonardo Dicaprio visited Bardia National Park too..

There are so many interesting photos of animals still in my memory card, so lazy to post them all now.

Add me at my personal Facebook at:, I will keep updating from there.

Hope you all enjoy the reading.

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