Shiva Ratri Festival 2014 in Nepal: Smoking Marijuana is legal today!

Shiva Ratri Festival 2014 in Nepal: Smoking Marijuana is legal today!
  • Angie Ong
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  • January 30, 2015
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27th February 2014.

Today is Shiva Ratri Festival 2014 in Nepal (literally means ‘ the night consecrated to Shiva’).

NOTE: The Shiva Ratri Festival 2015 falls on 17th February 2015.

Thousands devotees from India and Nepal were flocking into the Pashupatinath Temple – The UNESCO World Heritage Site – the holiest shrines of the Hindus, to worship the God Shiva.

Siddartha told me today is the only day in annual calendar when marijuana is legal.

“Let’s go there. We will pray there. Let’s get some marijuana too in the temple to worship God Shiva.”

We arrived in Pashupatinath Temple at around 3pm, There are a lot of people, a lot of armed armies to make sure there won’t be any riots of fights as marijuana intake is legal today.

He told me: ” Do you know that – God Shiva do not has a penis, so the Sadhus are devoting their penis to God Shiva to worship him. God Shiva loved to smoke Marijuana, he is a very powerful God, so as the followers we smoke Marijuana too. It is legal, no worries.”

He then asked: ” Do you know why Pashupatinath Temple is devoted to God Shiva? Do you know why the symbol of “Yoni & Lingam” is worshipped as GOD SHIVA?” Do you know why there are so many Yoni & Lingam temple here?

I said: ” Tell me.”

NOTE: I can’t remember the whole story, I am trying my best to put the story heard into words. I try to search in Google for the complete Shiva’ Penis story, but couldn’t find so I decided to type them out. It is really interesting story.

He said:”Once upon a time, God Shiva is smoking too much marijuana, he is very ugly and he couldn’t get any girls to marry him as he does not has a penis. All his friends are married. He want to marry a wife too. He then asked the help of God Vishnu. God Vishnu gave him a huge penis. One day, hee felt in love with his wife when they first met, he went to her house and propose to the girl’s father. The father chased him out from the house and told him not to see his daughter again as God Shiva is skinny, ugly and always smoking marijuana. He likes the girl very much, one day, they got together and she became her wife….. The wife died one day, God Shiva became so sad and mad and he carried the dead body everywhere for thousands miles. The dead body of his wife was broken into pieces when he arrived at Pashupatinath Temple, his wife’s YONI dropped on the ground and turn into the stone. Shiva had a huge penis, all the girls want to have sex with him. Shiva is unconscious and sad after the wife death, so he had sex with all the girls. Some of the girls are married and with husband. He was cursed by the girls’ husbands so he will not has a penis. Thus, the curse worked, and Shiva lost his penis again and turn into the symbol of Lingam……..”

The story goes on and on.. But, the summary of the story should be as per above.

So he said:

” This temple is belong to God Shiva as his Penis and his wife’s YONI is here. The Sadhus devoted their Penis to God Shiva because he doesn’t has a Penis.”

I was confused, but it explains why the Sadhus are smoking Marijuana & devoting their Penis to God Shiva, am I right? Please correct me if I was told a wrong story, k?

Yes. I was smoking some marijuana in the temple, together with the Sadhus, we talked and discussed about life and happiness:

The Sadhu told us: ” Be True, Be Happy. Happiness is all about finding balance of your life, Happiness is present, not the past, or future. Orgasm happened after you balanced your life….

“The discussion went on and on…. I learned something. I felt filled, and satisfied as I am starting to understand the meaning of life and happiness.

I did not take any photo during the marijuana session as the photos are not allowed.

Today is a memorable day for me – Smoking marijuana with Sadhus, learning and attending class at the same time.. Learn, Pray, Love… Everyone I met today are happy, with smiles, with happiness from their eyes and souls…

Life is all about happiness. Will you agree with me?

I am not going to tell you more here. See some photos below:

Above: The crowds in Pashupatinath Temple.

Above: The crowds outside of Pashupatinath Temple(before entrance)

Above: Entrance Ticket to Pashupatinath Temple is USD10 per person for tourist. Nepalese is FOC.

Above: Me posing in front of one of the temples.

Above: A must do pose in front of the Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Above: The Sadhus and their marijuana

Above: The Sadhu, Yoga and their marijuana

Above: A Sadhu in the temple area showing his devoted penis.

Above: God Shiva – Symbol of Lingam & Yoni

Above: A tourist smoking marijuana in the temple area. I think he is having his own paradise in him despite the surroundings.

Above: The devotees in the temple area.

Above: Pashupatinath Temple :UNESCO World Heritage Site ,the holiest Shiva Temple the world.


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