Small orphanage in Kathmandu – Volunteer in Nepal orphanage

Small orphanage in Kathmandu – Volunteer in Nepal orphanage
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  • August 15, 2019
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“Small orphanage in Kathmandu – Volunteer in Nepal orphanage”

SCIF – Supporting Children Initiative Foundation at Volunteer Work Nepal is a small orphanage in Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal. SCIF Nepal is a non-profit social organization. They house 14 orphans. The orphans are cared for by a house manager and 2 staff members. They took minimal wages and help with the children, tutoring, cooking, and cleaning.

We have this Volunteer Work Nepal Program at SCIF Nepal, and we urge the volunteer to donate minimum of USD 30 when you are visiting the house. This is not the money to us. It is donation for the house. Please, pay directly at the house on arrival. Above payment is inclusive of your accommodation and food at the center. The center charges you same amount of money if you have own accommodation too. Read here for details – Nepal Volunteer Work Program – SCIF Nepal.

Since 2015 (it has been almost 4 years) Eyes on Nepal and friends are helping with the SCIF Nepal daily expenses.

We did not seek for public helps for the last 4 years, supports came from our friends and families.

However, due to per month expenses sky rocketing to almost USD 2000 per month(for the last 1 year). We are in need or financial supports to ensure the house can survive.

Due to kids are having health issue, as today(19 August 2019)  we brought one of the girl – Anuradha for surgery and treatment, we need public awareness on it.

Anuradha Skin Problem

Kids are growing up, more expenses are coming up. We are writing to seek public help to give a small donations so our kids can still go to school, have enough foods, have enough changing clothes, have water and electricity in house.

Please do contact Angie at +60123679785 (whatapps) if you want to know the house monthly expenses. We have a shared folder in Dropbox whereby we are sharing the exact monthly expenses with every donors – even you are donating USD 1, USD 5 or more than that, we are sharing the same with every donors.

Below are the July 2019 SCIF House Expenses. for other months, do contact us.

SCIF JULY 2019 Expenses Report

For more details – please visit – SCIF Nepal @ Volunteer Work Nepal.

Please note the website of SCIF Nepal – is created by Eyes on Nepal team and Rajan from App Basis with no charges – all on volunteer basic.



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