Kanchanjunga Conservation Area

Kanchanjunga Conservation Area
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The Kanchanjunga Conservation Area lies in the Taplejung district, bordered by Sikkim(India) in the east and Tibet (China) in the north. The area represents high mountain physiography regions with 65% of its area covered by rocks and ice. And remaining 35% is cover by forests 14.1%. shrub land 10.1%, Grassland 9.2% and Agricultural land 1.6%. Similarly, this area is well know for its three river valley: the SimbuaKhola, the Ghunsa and the Tamur valleys.

The area is made up of alpine grass lands, rocky outcrops, dense temperate and sub-tropical forests, and low river valleys with the Kanchanjunga. The Kanchanjunga Conservation Area can be synonymize as a repository of flora and fauna. Moreover, during the spring season. The area has an excellent display of flowering rhododendrons, orchids, lilies, primula and many other flowers. However, the lowlands are full of tropical hardwoods. These get replace by oaks and pine as the elevation increases. Further higher is the vegetation including larch, fir and juniper up to the tree line.

The conservation area is where you will see 15 of Nepal’s 28 endemic flowering plants. Almost all the 30 kinds of rhododendron species are available here. Similarly, this is also the area where you get to see 69 of the 250 orchids in Nepal. Kanchanjunga Conservation Area consists of rich diversity of wildlife including the endangered snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, musk deer, and red panda. Other animals in the area include the blue sheep, and many others.

How to get there?
By Flight:  Take a direct flight from Kathmandu to Suketar airport of Taplejung and drive to Chhirwa and start the trek. Or you can take a flight from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and drive to Ilam and from Ilam drive to Taplejung Bazar by bus and drive to chhirwa.

By bus: You can easily find the public as well as private bus that leaves to Taplejung from different place of Kathmandu. Once you reach to Taplejung Bazar. Next day drives to Chhirwa and starts hiking. The protected area can also be reached via bus from Dharan.

Where to stay?

You can find a hotel in Taplejung with good facilities. As you start you hike you have to stay in Mountain lodge or in Homestay.


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