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Nepal Volunteer Work Program | SCIF Nepal was created out of love and humanity. This program is not only to help the small orphanage children who have lost their parents. But also to help those invalid suffering from spinal cord injury.

If volunteering is your passion and you feel like sharing your love with the less fortunate, then Nepal Volunteer Program is for you. Even if you are short for time, spare a day to spread your love and kindness; and send out a message that they are not alone.

Come visit and play with these darling children in Spinal Cord Injury Foundation Nepal (SCIF Nepal). Play with them, and teach them the art of drawing, singing, dancing, origami, sewing, etc; anything that can inspire them to be optimistic and positive in life.

SCIF Nepal is an orphanage located at Bhaisepati, just 10 km from Thamel. It is situated on a beautiful hill that overlooks the traditional Newari Village of Bungamati. This center currently accommodates 14 orphans, who are looking after by 1 spinal cord injury specialist and 3 staffs.

How can volunteers helps

  • Helps to coach the children, communicate and teach them new skill.
  • Helps by providing the foods stuff for feeding the children’s.
  • Donating the cash.
  • Providing the clothes for the 4 season.

Nepal Volunteer Work Program | SCIF Nepal Itinerary

Day 1: Nepal Volunteer Programs


Day 1: Nepal Volunteer Programs

24 hours
Bus, Car
Lunch, Dinner
Spinal Cord Injury Foundation Nepal / SCIF Nepal

Nepal Volunteer Programs Itinerary (Visit their official site for a detailed schedule)

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Morning Shift:  06.00 am to 10.00 am: Wake up at 6:30 am. Help the PIC prepare tea and biscuits. You will have tea with the kids. After tea, you will help them to do their homework. When they finish their homework, please help them to improve their English language. Most of the kids are not very good in the English Language. You will also have to teach them about hygiene and make them clean.

09.00am: Kids take their meal. After their meal, you will send them to their school.

10.00am to 02.00pm: This is your free time because the kids are not at home. You will clean the house with other volunteers when kids are not around. You can have your own free and easy time during this period because you won’t need a long time to clean the house.

Afternoon Shift: 02.00pm-04.00pm: You will prepare lunch with the PIC. After preparing lunch, you will go to school to bring the kids back.

Evening Shift: 05.00pm-07.00pm: At this time, kids like to play. Please introduce new games and you can enjoy your time playing with them.

07.00pm-08.00pm:  Please help the PIC to prepare dinner.

08.00pm-08:30pm:  Dinner time with kids.

09:00pm: Bed time. After 9 pm you can have your own free and easy time.

On holiday and weekend:  There won’t be school on holidays and weekend. So, you will spend more time playing with kids. Please prepare yourself to entertain a bunch of very active kids!

Read more here on how our orphans spend their holiday!

Program Duration: You can stay or participate according to your wish.

Program costs: It will be USD30/day/pax. This is not the cost. It is donation for the center. Please, pay directly at the center on arrival. Above payment is inclusive of your accommodation and food at the center. The center charges you same amount of money if you have own accommodation too.

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Eyes On Nepal Tours & Treks will not take a single cent from the donation. We are offering this program to help the kids and the house to survive as these kids need money to pay off a lot of expenses, especially on school and daily food.

Price & Terms

Program costs: It is per day/per person USD30. This is not the cost. It is donation for the center. Please, pay directly at the center on arrival. Above cost includes your accommodation and food at the center. The center charges you same amount of money, if you have own accommodation too.

What is included?

  • All meals during your Nepal Volunteer Programs in SCIF Nepal.
  • Per day compulsory donation of USD30 or more, which this amount already cover your stay and meals. The orphanage home needs little support for surviving.

What is not included?

  • Personal expenses.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Transportation.

NOTE:  Two ways to get to the house.

  1. By Bus: The orphanage home staff will meet you somewhere with local bus if you want to save cost and can pass more cash to the house as they need funds to support the house desperately. You can pay USD1 to USD5 including bus fees for the staff who meet you and lead you to the house.
  2. By Taxi: You can take a taxi directly to SCIF Nepal at USD10 – USD15 for one way drop off. We can arrange that for you. However, please pay directly to the taxi driver.

How to book?

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We kindly request you to answers the following questions directly through our email address

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  • What do you want to share with the kids: (language class/singing class/Origami class/dancing class):
  • What is your profession or are you expertise on something:

Please write to us to ask for more information about the school and kids, on what you can do and what you can’t do. We welcome anyone who can spread the loves and cares to the kids who need them most currently.

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