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Those who are planning for trekking in Nepal Himalaya may have curiosity how to physically prepare for your Nepal trek? Fitness training for treks is a set of exercise intended for those who are planning for trekking in Nepal Himalaya to allow for a physical strength and mental soundness.

Trek Fitness preparation has to be start at least a month prior to the actual trek. This exercise routine can be easily practice at home or wherever you are and can be done on your own.

How fit you must be for trekking?

Well the answer to this depends on the type of trekking you choose: Easy, Moderate or Difficult treks. Easy trek obviously requires comparatively less exercise than a Moderate trek. However, the rigor and the discipline of training exercise increases with more difficult trek.

To get an idea of the fitness level require for treks, please refer to table below:

Note: Above exercise programs is requested to start at least a month before the trek.

Types of TreksDuration/AltitudeTrail FeaturesTraining Exercise
Easy Treks2-7 days/2500mHillsSkipping, Walking, Burpee, Lateral Side Steps
Moderate Treks8-15 days/4500mHills and CliffsStair climbing, Jogging, , Plank, Biking and
Jumping Jack
Difficult Trek16-25 days/5500mHills & high passesRunning, Stair climbing, Swimming, Jumping Jack, Plank, Squat
How To Physically Prepare For Your Nepal Trek?

Practicing Yoga and its different postures and meditation will help you to be mentally and physically fit. We(Eyes On Nepal) are offering some yoga practicing session during the trip as well. Guides who have received Yoga training ,will conducts some Yoga practice session on very scenic place. If you are interested for it, kindly let us know in advance so that we can arrange guide with Yoga knowledge.

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