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How to spend a day in Pokhara Nepal

Probably the first question that may come to mind when planning a visit to Pokhara is, “How to spend a day in Pokhara?” or “What are the famous things to do in Pokhara in a single day?” The question is easy, but this seemingly simple inquiry does not have a straightforward answer. However, I can confidently tell you that there is so much to do in Pokhara. The only issue is selecting destinations and activities based on your budget, interests, and hobbies. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and romantic cities, replete with natural beauties and adventurous activities. It definitely won’t leave you feeling bored. Be ready for an exciting journey. Here are some tips on how to spend a day in Pokhara.

How do you spend your morning time in Pokhara??

If you are a morning sleeper, change your habit, at least for a day while you are in Pokhara. There are many exciting things to do in the morning in Pokhara. Below is a list of some must-do things in Pokhara in the morning.

Rays of Wonder: Embrace the Himalayan Sunrise Spectacle!

Early morning time in Pokhara is very important because of the clear visibility of mountains and the sunrise over the Himalayas; this is one of the must-not-miss activities in Pokhara. There are many sunrise viewpoints in and around Pokhara, such as Sarangkot, Kahun Danda, Rupakot, World Peace Pagoda, Pumdikot, etc. Among them, Sarangkot is the most popular one. These destinations are quite near Lakeside Pokhara and can be easily reached by car. We are offering the following sunrise tour from Pokhara:

Sarangkot sunrise tour

Kahun danda sunrise tour

Skybound Majesty: Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour!

Annapurna base camp helicopter tour from Kathmandu

Elevate your adventure with the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour! Skip the 7-day trek with a 20-minute helicopter ride from Pokhara. Savor coffee at the base of Annapurna, soaking in a million-dollar view of mountains and scenic villages. It’s the best way to experience the majestic mountains without a lengthy trek!

Elevate Your Adventure: Soar High with Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara!

Hot Air Ballooning is Back in Pokhara! After a long pause, operations resumed on November 17, 2018. Don’t miss the early morning sunrise trip for stunning views of the Himalayas, Phewa Lake, and more. Elevate your adventure with this must-try activity in Pokhara!

Have breakfast at a café along Phewa Lake’s shore.

After enjoying either the sunrise or hot air balloon tour, I suggest having breakfast at one of the cafes or restaurants along the Phewa Lake shore. There are plenty of choices, from local to VIP. Fishtail Lodge probably offers the most romantic vibes. If you are looking for budget options, cafes on the Pame side are probably the best pick. We suggest trying the local breakfast if you are curious about Nepali cuisine.

Lake Bliss: Experience the Joy of Boating on Phewa Lake!

You can go boating on Phewa Lake at any time, but morning is my favorite because it offers a clear view of mountains and a very calm and quiet atmosphere. It is fun and very romantic, especially with your beloved. Boating with a traditional handmade wooden canoe and watching the amazing view of mountains with your near and dear is simply a lifetime memory.

Things to do in late morning in Pokhara

Pokhara is a paradise for adventure lovers. During the late morning, you can enjoy the most famous adventurous activities, such as:

Soaring Heights: Unleash Your Spirit with Paragliding in Pokhara!

Paragliding in Pokhara is an exciting adventure where you glide with a parachute-like wing, enjoying stunning views of lakes and mountains. Strapped to a skilled pilot, you feel the thrill of flying like a bird. It’s an unforgettable experience, making your visit to Pokhara truly special. This is one of the must-not-miss activities in Pokhara.

Skybound Bliss: Experience the Thrill of Ultralight Adventures in Pokhara!

Private ultralight flight in Pokhara

Embark on an exhilarating journey with “Skybound Bliss” in Pokhara! Soar into the skies with thrilling ultralight adventures, embracing panoramic views of lakes and mountains. Feel the wind in your hair and the excitement in your heart as you glide through the clouds. Unleash the adventurer in you! The morning is the best time to experience ultralight adventures, as you have a better chance of enjoying clear views of the mountains and the surrounding area.

Experience the Excitement: Enjoy Ziplining in Pokhara!

Embark on an exhilarating adventure in Pokhara! Try one of the world’s fastest ziplines, offering breathtaking views of the Fishtail and Annapurna ranges. Soar 1.8km across the sky, experience a 600-meter vertical drop, and reach speeds over 100 km/hour. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride and unforgettable mountain vistas! You can do the zipline at any available time, but morning is the best because you can enjoy the mighty mountains while ziplining.

Things to do in afternoon in Pokhara

In Pokhara, you won’t get bored just sitting around; there are lots of things to do in the afternoon. Check out some famous activities you can enjoy later in the day. Seize the opportunity and savor the moment!

Ride the Rapids: A thrilling Seti River White Water Rafting Adventure!

Seti river rafting

Dive into Adventure: Embark on a thrilling Seti River whitewater rafting escapade just 3 hours from Lakeside Pokhara. Feel the rush as you conquer Nepal’s rapids, navigating through nature’s wonders. Unleash your inner adventurer with this unforgettable journey down the exhilarating Seti River!

Exploring Pokhara: Marvels and Magic Sightseeing Tour!

Explore Pokhara’s beauty with a sightseeing adventure! Marvel at caves, waterfalls, and lakes surrounded by hills and mountains. Discover the natural essence of the Pokhara valley, creating unforgettable moments. Enjoy the day visiting must-see places that showcase the city’s unique charm and scenic wonders. Below are some must-visit places in Pokhara:

  • Davis Fall
  • Mahadev cave
  • World Peace Pagoda
  • Pumdikot Shiva Statue
  • Seti river Gorge
  • Pokhara Old Bazar
  • Begnas Lake
  • International Mountain Museum (if you are a museum lover)

Chasing the Colors: Marvel at the Himalayan Sunset!

Enjoy the amazing sunset view over the horizon and mountains while you are in Pokhara. There are many places from which you can view the sunset, such as Sarangkot, Kahun Danda, Rupakot, the World Peace Pagoda, and more. Among them, Sarangkot is the most popular one. These places are easily accessible by car from Lakeside Pokhara. Enjoy the colors of nature.

Things to do in the evening or at night in Pokhara.

Pokhara does not go to sleep early. The Lakeside area is very vibrant during the evening. You can enjoy an evening walk on the local Lakeside shopping street. You can also enjoy your time doing the following activities in the evening or at night while you are in Pokhara:

Movie Night Under the Stars: Outdoor Cinema Fun in Pokhara!

Pokhara offers a blend of adventure and relaxation, including the charming Movie Garden. This affordable outdoor cinema provides freshly popped popcorn, comfy seats, and stunning views. A ticket includes blankets, cushions, and optional pizza and drinks. Enjoy a memorable night out, making it a perfect way to unwind in Pokhara.

Savor and Celebrate: Dining and Wining Delights in Pokhara!

Pokhara is a major tourist city in Nepal. Lakeside Pokhara hosts many restaurants and bars where tourists can enjoy local and international cuisine. Tourists can find budget-friendly to high-end restaurants and bars based on their choice, budget, and interests. While traveling in Nepal, we highly suggest trying the local cuisine. Restaurants and bars located on Lakeside’s main street are highly recommended.

Nightlife Vibes: Groove and Chill at Pokhara’s Hottest Clubs!

In Pokhara, the nightlife is calm with cozy bars by the lake, not as lively as places like Kathmandu, Bali, or Bangkok. Yet, you can enjoy live music and cultural performances in a relaxed setting. Lakeside spots have a chill vibe, often featuring local musicians. It’s a great place to unwind, have a drink, share stories, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Even though it’s not a big party scene, Pokhara’s nightlife is charming and enjoyable.

How to plan a Pokhara day trip?

Planning a trip can be tricky and requires local knowledge and expertise. You should plan your trip based on your preferences and local weather conditions. There are many things to do in Pokhara, so it’s essential to plan carefully. Some of the activities that must be done at specific hours, such as sunrise, sunset, and paragliding, we(Eyes on Nepal Tours) plan trips based on tourists’ preferences. Please write to us about planning your day trip; we will do it professionally.

Other awesome things to do in Pokhara

There are so many amazing things to do in Pokhara. It gives you with so much fun and enjoyment. Here are some activities(trips) you should try while you are in Pokhara. Please be aware that you need some knowledge about the trail before planning for these trips.

Boat ride across Fewa Lake and hike up to the World Peace Pagoda

Mountain View from World peace pagoda during Pokhara half-day tur

One of the best and my favorite activities in Pokhara is taking a boat ride to the other edge of Phewa Lake and hiking up to the World Peace Pagoda through local villages and jungle routes. It takes about 2 hours to reach the top of Ananda Hill (World Peace Pagoda). After reaching the World Peace Pagoda, visit the Peace Stupa and enjoy the views of Pokhara Valley, Phewa Lake, and the mountains. Enjoy food and drinks in a nearby cafe. You can get back to Pokhara by taxi if you don’t want to hike anymore or continue to hike down to Davis Falls, cross the suspension bridge, and walk to Lakeside Pokhara.

Rent a two-wheeler (cycle/scooter) and move around.

Explore Pokhara conveniently by renting a two-wheeler, whether it’s a cycle or scooter. This flexible mode of transportation allows you to effortlessly navigate the city and visit scenic spots like Pumdikot Shiva Statue, World Peace Pagoda, Begnas Lake, Damsadi Village, Sarangkot, Naudanda, and Dhampus village, while enjoying the surrounding beauty. Choose the wheels that suit your style, making your journey through Pokhara both efficient and enjoyable.

Trekking and hiking in and around Pokhara

Snow in Banthanti during Ghorepani poon hill trek 4 days

Pokhara is the gateway to some of the world’s most popular treks, such as the Annapurna Base Camp trek and Annapurna Circuit trek. If you don’t have much time for a long trek, there are still many options for short treks or hikes in and around Pokhara. It offers great views of mountains, experiences with local culture and lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, discover charming villages, and witness stunning panoramas in this outdoor haven. Below are some of the short hiking and trekking options in and around Pokhara.

We (Eyes on Nepal) offer these trekking or hiking options to our clients. Please feel comfortable writing to us if you are interested in doing it.

Stroll along the shores of Phewa Lake during sunrise

Pokhara’s picturesque Phewa Lake, reminiscent of Kashmir’s beauty, sets the stage for a favorite activity—early morning lakeside walks. Starting from the south and heading north, absorb the breathtaking Annapurna mountain views bathed in early sunlight. Embrace the morning tranquility unique to Pokhara, pausing at lookout points to observe colorful paddle boats and locals fishing. Conclude the stroll in the north, where affordable restaurants await. If mornings aren’t your thing, enjoy the lake’s charm any time, exploring local cafes, lakeside bars, and local crafts vendors.

Soulful Bliss in Pokhara: Yoga Retreats, Meditation, and Singing Bowls healing

Pokhara is becoming the new center for Yoga, meditation, and singing bowl healing. In Pokhara, many of Nepal’s renowned teachers and centers offer authentic spiritual experiences. Why not dedicate some hours or days to rejuvenate your mind and body while surrounded by nature’s calm embrace? It is highly recommended to participate while you are in Pokhara.

Some frequently asked question about Pokhara

Is one day enough for Pokhara?

Of course not. We suggest dedicating at least 3 full days in Pokhara to fully enjoy its attractions. Yet, if limited to a day, make the most of it with a Sarangkot sunrise, Phewa Lake boating, paragliding, Davis Falls, Mahadev Cave, and the World Peace Pagoda. Plan wisely based on your interests. Need help planning? Contact us anytime!

Which time is the best for Pokhara?

The best time to visit Pokhara is from September to November and February to April. Mild weather and clear skies during these months offer stunning Himalayan views and perfect conditions for adventure activities. Avoiding monsoons and chilly winters, it ensures a pleasant and comfortable experience.

How do I move around in Pokhara?

In Pokhara, you can move around using various options: taxis, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, and local buses are readily available. Walking is a great way to explore the lakeside area, while renting a bicycle or a scooter offers more flexibility. Choose the mode that suits your comfort and preferences for a pleasant exploration.

What is the famous thing about Pokhara?

The famous thing about Pokhara is its amazing natural beauty, highlighted by the beautiful Phewa Lake with the reflection of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. Additionally, Pokhara is renowned for adventure activities like paragliding, bungee, ultralight, zipline, rafting, and trekking, making it a popular destination for those seeking both tranquility and thrilling experiences.

How do you get to Pokhara?

Getting to Pokhara is possible by air or road. If traveling domestically, you can take a flight to Pokhara Airport, which connects to major cities in Nepal. Alternatively, buses and private vehicles are available for a scenic road journey. From Kathmandu, it’s about a 6–8-hour drive, depending on road conditions. Choose the mode of transport that fits your preferences for a convenient and enjoyable journey to this naturally gifted destination.

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